Abby & Craig’s Walden Inn Wedding – Aurora, Ohio

On September 7th, Abby and Craig exchanged vows at the amazing Walden Inn in Aurora, Ohio and I was flattered to have been chosen as their photographer. As a wedding venue Walden Inn is second to none. Beautiful surroundings and attentive service made this a wedding destination delight.

Abby and Craig choose a garden wedding surrounded by nature and formal gardens.


Happy faces abound . . . the groom and bridal gents toast to the upcoming vows before the ceremony.


Abby was stunning as she was preparing for the walk down the aisle in the luxurious bridal suite.


Following the ceremony everyone ventured out to the beautiful meadows for some fun bridal party photos. The weather was spectacular that day and the meadow was beginning to change colors.




Walden also boasts a world class equestrian center full of meadows, barns and riding arenas.

Abby was great and up for anything photographic. The light in the hayloft was unbelievable that day and Abby posed for this stunning portrait. Doesn’t get much better than that!


The gardens at Walden provided amazing photo opportunities as you can see by this photo of Abby nestled in the fountain grass backlit by a fabulous setting sun.


Stunning portrait of Abby and ring details.



Everyone had a great time at the reception and cheered Craig and Abby as they were introduced.


And to top off an unbelievably awesome day . . . the bride and groom are serenaded by Jeff Timmons of the band 98 Degrees!!!


After the fun and festivities were over all that was left were good wishes, wilting flowers and gently worn bridesmaids shoes . . .


Thank you Abby and Craig for allowing me to photograph and share your wedding day. It is one I will never forget. Best wishes!

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