Photographic Encaustic

curious faces · curious stories

I have a passion for faces.  Faces excite my curiosity; they are what drive me artistically.  I find the need to learn something from each and every one, to mold and manipulate them; to get to the essence of their being.  Their stories begin in all sorts of ways.  Where they begin provides a hint to what they might become.  I always know the first sentence of the story but never truly know the last.

Curious Faces is all about wanting to know more; to see more; to explore the curiosity I feel to express and intentionally create a sense of wonder in my imagery.   When we’re curious we see things differently, our powers of observation are magnified.  We have a tendency to sense and be passionate about what we see taking place in the present, at a specific moment, and use that visual experience as a starting point regardless of what it may have looked like before or what we might expect it to be or become.

I am a curious person.  I find the face in each story curious and unfamiliar; unusual, bizarre, odd, and extraordinary.  Each story begins with the ambiguousness of a photograph and possesses the quality of being open to more than one interpretation.  There are no preconceived notions only suggestions as to narrative.  I never question the direction in which my curiosity takes me and only follow the lead of what story each face wants to tell.


Currently my media of choice is Photographic Encaustic.  My work begins with an original photograph created in the studio.  Each photograph/face speaks to me.  Each one guides the narrative as each story unfolds using a combination of beeswax and damar resin a putty knife and a heat gun.  No preconceived notions as to the color and application of wax on an image.  Only suggestions as to narrative.  Sometimes the wax is applied in bold brush strokes and sometimes there is more nuance.



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