christmas tree cutting at galehouse tree farm doylestown

Christmas Tree Cutting Time

It really was Christmas Tree Cutting Time in Northeast Ohio!

It was a chilly 18 degrees outside but everyone was excited, bundled up tight with extra scarves and gloves and off we went to get Alyssa’s Christmas Tree.

Our destination was Galehouse Tree Farms in the lovely village of Doylestown just southwest of Akron.  The sun was shining as we drove down the winding driveway with potential Christmas trees on all sides.  It was a magical morning with the mist hanging over the farm and everyone was excited.  After walking up and down many rows Alyssa finally found a tree she thought was perfect and her and her dad set upon the task of cutting it down.  Along the way there were sled rides and lots of smiles and fun with Grandma taking in all the joy.  Once chosen the tree was brought back to be bundled up for transport and securely tucked into the back of the truck.

Then it was off to the Gift Shop for a warm up with hot chocolate by the fire and a look at all the wonderful Christmas decorations they have on display.

To add to the all wonderful experiences that day Alyssa took selfies with the Reindeer girls Buckeye and Belle that live on the farm and welcome guests.  It was a wonderful morning spent in the country and I am appreciative that Alyssa and her family choose J. Palsa Photography to create wonderful photographic memories.

Christmas Tree Cutting Photos

galehouse tree farm

galehouse tree farmchristmas tree cutting time

christmas tree cutting

christmas cutting time

galeshouse tree farm

christmas tree cutting at galehouse tree farm doylestown